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Someone who is only racist for bandwagon purposes. A news story, tv show or *coughs halftime performance can bring them out of the woodwork. Black issue, white issue, it doesn’t matter, a Fair Weather Racist wants the attention and will degrade any and everyone they have to to be a part of the current social backlash. (See also: Douche Canoe)
Wow, the fair weather racists are goin in on Timberlake’s Prince tribute at the halftime.
by aniki February 5, 2018
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1. A snide, slightly stifled laugh.

2.(adjective) looking kinda good, sexy (see example below)

As heard in Lost S04E06 15min:
"So Juliette, what do you think of Ben?"
"He's great. Very smart, and intense, challenging. He's been really good to me."
"Of course he has, you look just snicker."
by aniki June 12, 2008
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