the dirty worn out skank that you ride out
That girls my bike! I been riding her since high school.
by abbitbay September 15, 2008
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"You want me to do what? Ride my bike!"
by Evildix October 28, 2004
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a pimp song by "the pack"; also a phrase that says "go do something"
i'm bored. i'm gonna go ride my bike.
by darnell larson January 6, 2007
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Originally a pic from the NES game Punch-Out, the picture dipected the events in between each tournament where Little Mac would jog through New York and his trainer, Doc Louis, would be leading him on a bike. One day, someone at Something Awful decided to take the picture and add the caption "Nigga stole my bike!" as a contribution to the photoshop contest of that week. This picture soon spread to YTMND, where it was placed on a web page with a sound clip of a person saying "Nigga stole my bike!" over and over again. Soon, variations were churned out almost daily, creating an Internet sensation that proved racism could still be funny...for a while.
A more popular variation involves the full animation of the scene accompanied by the music, with the infamous phrase mixed into the music.
by Dark Chaos August 24, 2005
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What you yell out when a black man steals your bicycle. Made popular by the many pages based on it.

See also: nsmb
:bike is stolen:
What the fuck? NIGGA STOLE MY BIKE!
:chases him while cheap midi plays:
by dragonknight337 August 11, 2005
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The Real Meaning:

A YTMND fad that does NOT come from "Hate It or Love It", but really from the classic NES game "Punch Out" (might be called Mike Tyson's Punch Out).

Nigga stole my bike features an animated character, who's name is Nigga. As seen in many YTMND sites, Nigga is caught stealing more than bikes.
He has stolen the following:

(Nigga Stole My Bike)....

Conan O'Byrant's bike
steed (in medieval times)
by Jeph da 5'9 November 8, 2006
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Too be so inebriated in minimal party time that when you fall over you say the most random phrase that comes to mind.
"KT what's wrong? Are you Okay?"
"I fell off my bike"
by ho-house!!!!! August 30, 2009
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