bad luck or an unlucky condition or event
Our misfortunes of the last year included the loss of a beloved pet
by Adrianna Lazaro February 25, 2015
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Intentionally transforming a desirable event into an undesirable event in the hopes that your bad luck will cause it to occur.
I got tired of waiting for my food so I lit a cigarette and, by sheer misfortunation, the waiter arrived a few seconds later.
by Shadowkeeper June 2, 2005
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Irish-English (Limerick)
Someone who is a loser, unlucky, socially clueless
He’s an awful misfortune of a lad.
by NotConorMcGregor January 31, 2018
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Two definitions: (1)a bad piece of news or (2) a batch of cookies that turn out burnt, dry or bad tasting
(1) "I just got a misfortune cookie from my mom - our poodle Rex just died." (2) "Did you taste those misfortune cookies that Camille brought to the picnic? Bleck!"
by Ambient Guerilla November 19, 2009
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When you have a song stuck in your head for at least 10 minutes, and right before you get the chance to listen to the song, it finally becomes un-stuck.
john is very annoyed by the 80s song "take on me" that is stuck in his head, so he rushes home, runs up the stairs, opens his laptop, only to realize the song is not stuck in his head anymore.

musical misfortune
by jake12334455433 May 26, 2009
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Similar to Wheel of Fortune, but rather than having a chance to win, you will lose or get something shitty all of the time. Also another good phrase for Roulette.
Sam decided to spin the Wheel of Misfortune, but lost every time.

Jim went to the casino to play the good ol' Wheel of Misfortune and lost his house, car, and kidney because of his debt.
by 1-800-PAIN March 18, 2015
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