A way of expressing that a joke was funny.

Synonynms: chuckle, giggle, snort
I laughed so hard last night!
by The Human Being/Person December 04, 2016
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A smile having an orgasm.
Dude1: Oh dude look at that smile it's totally orgasming
Dude2: That's called a laugh...
by Brenden H October 15, 2006
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Laughing. Is a way to tell your friends their joke was not funny at all when they think it is funny. Created by Noah Henderson in 2020, it is a phenomenon for all people to enjoy except Layth Faddah, the former owner of the word
Person 1: Layth Faddah should be the Laughing. Owner
Person 2: That joke is so bad I’m Laughing. So hard rn
Person 3: you are a uneducated swine person 1
by The Laughing. Owner December 06, 2020
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A word Jackscepticeye shouts when he slaps a whiteboard and knocks some markers off
Jack:L! Lovers, A! Ass, U!...You!,G! Gamer *Duh* and H! is for Happy! put em together what do y’all get? what do ya get? what do ya get? *Slaps the whiteboard* LAUGH!
by Harry-Peter June 25, 2019
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When you exert loud excited noises from your body while experiencing pleasure and enjoyment
by TheThotBoi April 29, 2018
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