Someone who will always be your favorite person even if they were a total bitch.
Homie: Fuck you! I wouldn’t care if you died you piece of shit!
You: I love you
Homie: I love you too!
by anonymouspersonwhonooneknows February 25, 2018
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You: *Falls*

Friend: *Helps you up*

You: *Falls*
Homie: *Helps you halfway up and drops you back down*
by iBrokeUrNeckLol January 25, 2021
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A best friend for life, yes, but it's more than just that; it's family. A term used to highlight the highest form of respect to another individual as this person will always have your back through thick and thin. Only one other person (besides yourself) can be called this as this person is above all the rest and it takes only two to form a homie bond. Loyalty, trustworthiness, acceptance; this person has it all.
Homie #1: You're my homie you know that? Ain't nobody or nothing gonna change that and take your place.
Homie #2: Yeah I know. You're my homie as well. Always and forever.
by homiez4lyfe June 22, 2016
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Like calling someone a friend but mostly used by cooler people
by Mo$t_wanted_$ELLY April 16, 2017
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The person who loves you and can do anything for you; the person you come home to, your safe haven.
Be my homie, not lover.
by HloveH August 13, 2016
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Homies are the people who are bestfriends , in a way . Usually referred to as "my nigga" or my "ride or die" . Homies will always be there for that one person , no matter what . Even if they have to do something crazy .
Person 1: hey ! Do you see Chris and Olivia over there , just chilling ?
Person 2: yeah why ?
Person 1: I wish our relationship was like theirs !
Person 2: why ??
Person 1: cause they're homies !
by HisHomie September 7, 2014
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