a vague, non-threatening, public-domain excuse given to a concerned parent when they try and ask you who you are going to go out or hang out with. Usually used in place of:
(in no particular order)
1. I'm going out with alot of people and I am too lazy to prattle off all of their names.
2. I am going to meet new people who I barely know
3. It's non of your business
4. These are people of ill-gotten-repute and I don't want you to know that I am hanging out with them.

also sinonomys with "just some friends", or "a few friends", etc.
Parent: so who are you going out with to the mall?
Me: oh, just some friends...
Parent: ok, that sounds good, have fun
by RaizinguStoronga July 9, 2010
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General euphenism for taking a crap. Can be altered slightly to better describe the type of crapping situation one is about to experience or has experienced by explaining the experience your friends are having or about to have. See examples below.
to crap: Hey, I'm going to "make some friends."

to inquire: How are your friends?

crapping discomfort: My friends are angry today.

leftover floater: I went to go make some friends, but someone else's friends were there to greet me.

don't leave a floater: Never leave a friend behind.

post crapping: My friends have left the building.

self explanitory: There's a special place inside me for all my friends.

constipated: My friends didn't show up.

eating questionable food: My friends aren't going to like this.

(i think we see where this is going.)
by Randalls January 28, 2008
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To take a shit. There is no indication as to how severe of a shit but it is usually assumed to be a short one considering the context the phrase is used.
Dude, I'll be over in a bit. I just gotta drop some friends off at the pool first.
by IshotTheSheriffbutNotTheDeputy September 25, 2008
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(verb) The act of dropping pieces of crap out of your arse into a toilet or other body of water (i.e., the kitchen sink, someone's unattended beverage cup, a puddle on the road, a swimming pool, etc.)
I was just dropping some friends off at the pool, when all of a sudden i fell off my boss's desk, spilling the cup of coffee I was using!
by bloc jacques chaloc May 20, 2004
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A euphemism for being warned to stop what you're doing by the police. Used when retelling stories as an inside joke in mixed company.
Mom: How was your night?

Will: We hung around downtown for a while, messed around, went back to Hank's house.

Hade: Yeah, we made some new friends too.
by PlutoRoman June 13, 2010
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What you say when someone tells a really lame, boring story that had no point. After the person finishes, say it, usually in a chant, sometimes accompanied with clapping with each word
Joe: OMG, yesterday, I went to Starbucks and I got a mocha frap, and then there were no seats! So I had to stand around waiting until someone got up, and then I sat in their seat and i took out my laptop and I played freecell.
Tina: Great story, tell it again, tell it at a party and make some friends! (clap, clap, clap)
by I. M. Cold March 3, 2010
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