1) Amy: Lousie, do you know Candy's new boyfriend?
Louise: I'm so jealous, he's a snickers.

2) Tyrone: I let your mama eat my snickers yeasterday!
Brian: Coz I was at yours givin your mama mine!
by martian #1 January 01, 2010
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a delicious treat you can use to take advantage of others when they are hungry
boy: im gonna tell them your secret
boy 2: i will give you snickers if you dont
boy: okay i wont
by nathan wong February 05, 2015
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A generalized term used to refer to marijuana.

developed in military high schools in the united states by tokers
Dude, you got any snickers???
by anonymous April 09, 2005
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A dirty cock after pulling out of a dirty ass.

Derived from the visual of a melted "Snickers" bar.
when your boyfriend or girlfriend hasn't cleaned the pipes before a backdoor intrusion you often pull out a snickers.
by Jamesknapper September 14, 2005
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A fit girl. Can be used in singular and plural. Another word for Snickers is Snexor.
She is a Snickers. Check her out; she's well Snickers! I went to a party last night, and there were loads of Snickers.
by Skexor October 31, 2006
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When a man dips his "nuts" or testicles in caramel and then teabags a sleeping friend....
Man, did you see Jimmy give Steve a snickers while he was sleeping the other day.
by The Fellas April 01, 2008
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