32 definitions by martay

the storm troopers main weapon, without it the multicolored swat team is usless
quick load the coon-bean, she's on the way
by martay February 18, 2003
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the pink cookie, the looooooove pot, which is stormed by the multicolerded swat team, who glows in the dark
that's one leperous cooter
by martay February 14, 2003
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an over sized poo, that does not flush
dude, i left a dumperflunk, i'm FUCKED
by martay February 24, 2003
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a really discusting person who thinks there cool
the fig-let will never get the pink-cookie
by martay February 18, 2003
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the mark of the multi colored swat team, so you know where they have struck, for their sign instils fear into pink cookies everywhere,

also known as a mushroom stamp
person1 "MOM, my goddam brother fire branded me again"

Person2 "No he didn't, he did it to himself"

Mom: Argh, fuck you
by martay February 21, 2003
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one who cannot pronouce they're V's when they say visit
heyschsch antschsch marth, i'll fizit oyu tuschschday
by martay February 21, 2003
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your beverage, noone elses
get yo ass away from my fiznass,
by martay February 20, 2003
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