Breaking the lock off Pop's liquor cabinet and taking a few swigs, off the record, of course.
by Dan Starr June 25, 2005
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The act of being cornered by someone who just won't shut up, thereby preventing you from going anywhere for a while.
Damn, Tom is talking John's ear off again. John is so snickered!
by guiness2 October 13, 2010
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the feeling you get after a good shag when you find it increasingly hard to move any part of your body, and would just like to sleep. completely comatose.
afterwards, i was so snickered i dropped my fag on the bed and i couldnt even move to pick it up.
by even more anonymous September 27, 2007
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snickerto throw feces on someone.
snickeredto have feces thrown on you.
utilized by prisoners to show their their anger towards the prison guards.
Hey Freddie, watch me snicker this mutha fucka.
by Robert Rinehart July 03, 2005
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to laugh evily at somones misfortune
todd " dude, the stormtrooper, he's been flambunted, and tossed out on the sidewalk"

CJ *snickers*
by martay February 25, 2003
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To scratch one’s butthole with all fingers, including the thumb and pinky
Cyrus, stopping snickering at the dinner table!
by Dbagmel December 26, 2017
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