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Slang for underwear, generally mens trunks or briefs, but can also be applied to singlets or undershirts. Can also be applied to swimwear or other skimpy items of clothing.

Not to be confused with skivvy, a long-sleeved, tight-fitting shirt.
Seeing Joe in his skivvies is definitely an inspiration to spend more time at the beach.
by Urban Dictionary November 22, 2006
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Old fashioned word, commonly, a female domestic servant (or) chambermaid.Replaced later with chambermaid, sometimes known as a 'char'
This ungrateful little skivvy was dismissed from the household when caught stealing from the Master's bedroom.
Mostly a derogatory term, demeaning to the recipient,indicates subserviance.
by Inja November 03, 2007
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Skiv·vies (skvz)

A trademark used for underwear. This trademark often occurs in lowercase in print: “The venerable white-underwear company . . . had dabbled in socks, sweats, and fashion skivvies” (Advertising Age). “About 500 yards away, on three destroyers snubbed up to the dock, men were clambering on the deck in their skivvies” (Smithsonian).
I've got my skivvies in a bunch.
by alpha mu pi January 25, 2000
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buy the domain for your pet site
Brad: bro your mama loves my skivvy, coz ur dad has a helmet
Mat: yeh but she said the dick cheese trapped in there was nasty
by simo1981 April 18, 2008
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that natty rat looking stocky teacher that lurks about and doesnt know any subjects in particular,
usually found at the city academy bristol
"look carly, we got skivvy for geoggers, 20points if you tag him"
by Rhizzle Dizzle and Pimp C March 28, 2008
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