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butt sex

n : anal intercourse committed by a man with a man or woman syn: sodomy, buggery, anal intercourse Dildos, fingers, bananas, cucumbers and digits are applicable. If you get into that sort of thing.
"Kirk and Julien had butt sex."
"I Heart Butt Sex!"
"Put it in my butt, I love that feeling!"
"Samantha loved it when she had butt sex, she talks about it all the time."
by Taylor April 06, 2005

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used mostly in the 80's, or by people mocking the 80's to describe something 'awesome' or 'excelent' ie, good.
teenage mutant ninja turtles say -
'that's totally tubular dudette'
by taylor September 27, 2003

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we will all be saying this for the next four years..................it is the truth.
FUCK BUSH! why the hell did he get us into these wars?
by taylor November 05, 2004

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Synthetic opiate used as a powerful prescription pain-killer, but also popular in rural america as an illegal and cheap narcotic to get high on. Often referred to as "hillbilly heroin" for it's reputation and popularity among the avante garde of the local trailer park.
let's all git high on somma this here oxycottin and go home and beat our wives tonight
by taylor October 10, 2003

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answer to almost anything
you're a dickhead
ya mum's a dickhead

why didn't you go to skool yesterday?
Because of ya mum
by taylor March 11, 2004

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Older slang defining some sort of shady activity; usually illegal. shenanigans.
So tell us out the caper, boss.
by taylor October 04, 2003

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MC Chris is one the greatest white rappers ever. He sings such songs as 'The Tussin' and 'Fette's Vette'. His website is mcchris.com. He also helps on such adult swim shows as Seabab 2021 and Aqua Teen Hunger Force.
MC Chris is the best white rapper ever.
by Taylor March 05, 2005

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