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A white crusty substanace that forms all on and around the penis when a man hasn't washed it after sex or at all in a long time
baby, you better take care of that dick cheese before you think i'm going down on ya
by jmae8313 March 28, 2005
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Ok niggas pay attention, so basically you gotta clean up your cum after nutting in that body if you ain't no Jewish cunt


I know this because I am 2 moments of time old. ๐Ÿ‘Œ
Dude becky like fucked jimbob and becky had dick cheese so jimbob like kinda dies and shit.

Dick Cheese is not tasty
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by Big boy the third November 17, 2018
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The one thing that even the kindest, most supportive and open-minded woman will not look past when dating a man.
(Woman talking with her best friend).

"I feel really shallow Lisa because he was such a good, kind man. He was great with my kids, with animals. He stood for all the right things. He had a great sense of humour. He was intelligent, he spoke several languages and I felt totally comfortable in his presence. Even my parents loved him and they are normally very icy with my prospective partners. He had a great body and clearly worked out so why couldn't I look past his horrendous dick cheese? I mean I feel like a total bitch."
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by LiberaceHudson September 22, 2017
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Smegma; white buildup on the head of a penis
"Camambert, Wednesleydale, Dickcheese"
by - August 04, 2002
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bacterial growth under an uncircumsised penis which isn't cleaned regularly, it looks like little pieces of cottage cheese under the foreskin, and it stinks.

also known as smegma

wtf is that white sht on your mushroom?...ummm dick cheese
by bigfatfrickinfarmer August 14, 2006
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Semen left to ferment for a while until it becomes a cheese-like substance.
I understand swallowing, but dick cheese is disgusting!
by dickcheese6969 June 07, 2016
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Most often discovered as a slimy-like substance found under the head of the penis, but it can dry to a crusty yellow matter and require careful scraping to assist removal.

While not a specific STD, it can carry the nasty bacteria that assists chlymidia to spread like a Californian forest fire.
"How hot is that guy over there?"

"He is hot, in fact he is sweaty, so I would insist he showered before we make out. I wouldn't want to peel back his helmet and cop an eyeful of freshly made Dick Cheese."
by Dick Clean December 15, 2008
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