Saying we got is asking someone to fuck you in the ass until you are numb, or the other way around.
Her: we got
Him: Yes
by ihatemysonwife October 18, 2019
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usually said to someone when you plan on doing something and you're not worried about it.
"dont worry, we got this."
by chief roxy November 5, 2013
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A pro-american phrase refering to the recent killing of Osama Bin-Laden which can be used during any display of patriotism or during any moment of cheering
Guy in cheering crowd 1: wooohhooo americas the best

Guy cheering in crowd 2: Yeeeeeahh bros, we got him
by brorannosaurus Rex May 20, 2011
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NYC Slang, meaning: in the attempt of you getting hopped on, Jumped or Rushed Rundown
by May 18, 2022
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An icebreaker. A phrase questioning the presence of active individuals in any given situation and/or conversation. It can be used to verbally examine "who" is AT a specific place, state of mind, or if they ARE there. It is essential for one to understand that "who" is not a single person, but is more or less, referred to as a specific group of people that are often considered to be a whole. It can be used when someone knocks on your front door, or simply when there is an unexplained radio silence between you and your friends via text message or WhatsApp. The primary use in a group text message chat is to stimulate conversation. You can always count on "Who we got?" to bring you the answers in any state of social confusion.
*Knock Knock*
Philip: "Oh, who we got!"
Harrison: That is my friend Benjamin, I was expecting him.

**Group text message**
Steve: "That was a funny joke David!" (posted over two hours ago)
Steve: "Who we got?" (posted a minute ago)
Jake: We have a number of people!" (posted 2 minutes ago)
Alex: "I'm here!" (posted 2 minutes ago)
David: "Me too!" (posted 3 minutes ago)
by Tevin Kadescor May 20, 2013
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the most horryfing thing a girl can say to her boyfriend
susan: "George, we got to talk.."
George: "fuck!"
by AyraMatao December 16, 2008
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