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Cheap low-life female, usually predatory,trashily dressed who'll offer herself for sex at every opportunity, an expert at 'Man-snatching': men who already have a respectable female partner.
A destroyer of relationships, slutty, bad-mouthed, overly made up harridans who love any form of sexual contact, often at the expense of established relationships.
Rachel is a right slag!, three times this week she's hung around the pool room and has succeeded in shagging four married men!
by Inja November 3, 2007
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The term 'Yardie' refers to Jamaican criminals. Many operate in London,dealing drugs and acquiring illicit money.Frequently seen driving BMW's (with) darkened windows, they like to visually display thier status;expensive gold jewellery, designer suits and sunglasses! They will administer very quickly violence and (death) to those who show 'disrespect'.Life expectancy low as thier deeds sooner or later catch up with them..
Police swooped on yet another group of Yardies in North West London, this time from Harlesden.
by Inja May 4, 2008
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Classically: a dumb, gum-chewing sexually promiscuous girl.
Of low intellect enhanced further with cheap clothing in the extreme; over accessorised with tacky jewellery, garish make-up, often, burnt/bleached hair (usually untidily and voluminously back-combed).Heavy smoker, frequently innebriated and carrier of numerous S.T.D.'s..
Arrogant, cocksure (in more ways than one..) irresponsible, self centred, will stop at nothing to bed young and eager men.Often heard in the early hours walking home, irritating the neighbourhood with noisy stiletto-heeled shoes.Tragic indeed.
I was in Southend again last night, ended up with a right dog! she was the classic essex girl (par excallance!)
by Inja February 19, 2008
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Words directed at a person when your'e not really interested (with) more than a little jealousy thrown in!

Do we really care??
Jeremy:"My Wife and I are off again to Borneo!"

Derek:"Oh really?-How nice for you!"
by Inja September 16, 2012
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A word used to describe activities and deeds that are evil wicked and odious.
The world was shocked to learn of the nefarious activities of Ian Brady and Myra hindley, which came to light in October 1965.They came to be known as the 'Moors Murderers'.
by Inja September 6, 2006
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temporary refridgerated storage for the deceased.
The police transported the body to the local mortuary.
by Inja September 5, 2006
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Often used to decribe a 'wanton woman' naughty meaning: immoral.
She didn't come home at all last night-she IS a naughty girl!
by Inja September 5, 2006
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