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To be covered in tattoos down any appendage. There are "sleeves", which usually refer to arm tattoos that go from shoulder to wrist, "half sleeves" which go from either write to elbow or elbow to shoulder and "leg sleeves", whcih typically cover half or all of a person's leg.
I saw this crazy Giger tattoo that covered a guy's arm. He said he loved being sleeved with Giger.
by Denis Baldwin February 16, 2004
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Sleeved : Sleeve (v.)
To take a whole pouch, portion, or section of a packaged snack food or muchie. This can included, but is not limited t: A tube of Oreos, a tube of Ritz crackers, a packet of Pop Tarts, etc. Also as small as one bag of chips in a 6-pack of chips, or one fruit-roll up of the whole 12-pack.

These are normally shared by between two to several people, but a single "sleeve" can be eaten by one person (And certainly should!)
X: Hey I just sleeved the Oreo's, take a few!
Y: Thanks doood. I need dem' muchies.

H: Sleeve that box and take it into the car, we have to go!
K: Wait a second, I still haven't sleeved the cookies yet.
by DarkKnight 420 May 24, 2010
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