Usually a bit crazy. Loves food. music. very sensual. real funny. sarcastic. Kinda hippie-ish once you get to know her. Strong willed and independent but hates being alone. Very pretty, nice, kinda careless, confusing at times and acts more on impulse. Has her up and downs sometimes. Sweet if she likes you. Likes to make you feel good. If she hates you she really REALLY hates you a lot and might try to kill you but if she says she loves you she means it. Can get carried away in her beliefs and stuff she is interested in. Doesn't care about what other people say or think, goes her own way on stuff when she doesn't agree with others. Smarter than most people. Really gets to her when you show you care about her. Most amazing girl I have met. ever. Catch her if ya can.
Look at carly twerkin' it up in here WOO
by manishman April 30, 2013
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super funny girl who's also super nice. will kick someone's butt if you cant do it yourself. has a lot of guy friends and is easy to get along with
person: :(
by AnimalLover!!! March 3, 2011
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1: Does insane things, and acts on impulse alot of the time.
2: Has a crazy-scary temper, and is capable of ripping your head off if that's what's desired.
3: Doesn't think much of herself, well, tries not to, but sometimes just can't help it.
4: Enjoys being part of the backround, but likes the spotlight once and awhile too.
5: Is good at hobbies she likes, and isn't all that great at things she hates.
6: She loves her friends to death.
7: Keeps secrets that are worth keeping.
Carly: I want to jump off that building
Friend: Why?
Carly: I don't know I just want to.
by i-Love-chaos July 17, 2009
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she is a bit shy to talk at first, but then when it comes to talk to her you will see she is probably the most exiting person ever. she makes you laugh and cry at the same time. she loves music and food. she likes to be herself whenever she can. when she likes someone she wont tell even her close friends. she has a hard time dealing with life so she tries to think happy. you wont know if she has a fake smile because she is that good at it. she doesnt really think before she talks so people get mad at her often. she is one of the weirdest girls you will ever meet and she is cute. she doesnt like to brag and she she likes to help people all the time. she can be insane at one point and then the next she wont talk to you because she is so focused.
Look at Carly, I wonder when someone will get the balls to ask her out... i mean she is cute but savage she will probably reject them.
by CCAARDLEYN November 15, 2018
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A girl you just want to dance with until you cum all over her back
Dude what happened to your pants?
My bad man. I just danced with Carly.
by Weenis Penerson October 20, 2010
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Carly is the craziest yet sexiest thing in the world
That Carly is so crazy, i bet she would do it in a mexican's bed without sheets with a big haired brownie.
by Douschy May 17, 2008
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1. A girl with blue eyes, dark hair and freckles and is insanely hot.

2.A girl who is sarcastic, intelligent, and really funny.

3. A girl who is super liberal, and super stubborn.
(Guy):"Did you see that girl's eyes?"
(Guy 2):"Yeah, she's such a Carly, her hair was dark too."

(Dude): "Okay, so you're really sarcastic, and stubborn...your name must be Carly!"
(Carly): "Wow, how'd you know that?"
by johhny1787 February 15, 2009
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