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Usually a bit crazy. Loves food. music. very sensual. real funny. sarcastic. Kinda hippie-ish once you get to know her. Strong willed and independent but hates being alone. Very pretty, nice, kinda careless, confusing at times and acts more on impulse. Has her up and downs sometimes. Sweet if she likes you. Likes to make you feel good. If she hates you she really REALLY hates you a lot and might try to kill you but if she says she loves you she means it. Can get carried away in her beliefs and stuff she is interested in. Doesn't care about what other people say or think, goes her own way on stuff when she doesn't agree with others. Smarter than most people. Really gets to her when you show you care about her. Most amazing girl I have met. ever. Catch her if ya can.
Look at carly twerkin' it up in here WOO
by manishman April 29, 2013
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a bad bitch who doesn't mind a fat cock in her ass (except for sunday's because that's church day). will happy take shard-based pills at any time of the day and every day, generally known as a snorter.
Ruby: are you chewing the pills or snorting?
Carly: is that a question? of course i'm snorting! i'm carly!
by tudyrrentin February 07, 2017
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The most breath taking girl to have ever have lived in the known universe that you never want even blink to miss a second of her. She has the most beautiful Brown eyes that you never want to look away from and brown hair that is supper long but soo gorgeous... plus the most beautiful smile ever that is soo contagious and can make any rainy day turn out brighter, you cant but stare and smile back at her:) She not only is helpful but she is genuinely caring about everyone. Creative, good taste, intelligent, incredibly funny (with a laugh that makes you laugh even harder because of her high squeak hahahaha) , fun and just an awesome person. she is a gorgeous girl that you cant get enough of that i am just blessed and the luckiest guy to even have ever met her or even know her and her name is carlyys.
look at carly!!

hii carllyss :)
by ItalIAN_c September 23, 2010
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Carly is a slutty bitch who hates everyone. She acts like she's popular but has no friends. There are probably some nice carlys but most are just backstabbing bitches who love dick and drama
1: Dude I hate her, she's such a bitch
2: Could have guessed, she's a Carly
by Hoehoe🍰🍰 July 30, 2017
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A little two-face backstabber who doesn't know how to keep out of boys DM's and always telling people's business and twisting other people's words around. Thinks every guy likes her even if they don't. She's a puta fea that has no lips & she copies everyone trying to be other people. She loves the attention good or bad. She tries to act all sexual just to get likes. She needs to get hit with a shovel.
"Oh look it's Carly the puta fea."'
by Them23 June 27, 2016
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