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to tell them after your done beefing with one person they are next
yo after im done with your boy im going to see you on the sidelines
by chris January 12, 2005
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Basically When Someone's Trying To Have An A & B Conversation & C Comes Along And Decides To Be In Their Business.
Aaliyah : Have You Seen The BET Awards
Drewanna : Yeah , Nicki Looked On Point
Sharleen : Nicki Looked Like A Hoe
Aaliyah : Mind Your Business , Youre Always In The Sidelines
by SharXvi January 05, 2016
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To sneak up behind someone in the bathroom and devilishly ass ram them as they are bending over to lay down Toilet paper.
Yo did you hear how Jessie sidelined that kid during intermission of the Celine Dion concert?
by Potapenko November 06, 2006
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