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A $499 6.5" x 2" Apple computer introduced at the 2005 SF Macworld Expo which is based on the design of the ill-fated but award winning G4 Cube. Designed to lure iPod-toting windows users into the Mac OS camp by allowing them to cheaply replace their CPU while keeping their existing monitor, mouse, keyboard, etc... Live the digital life in stylish simplicity.
Steve just replaced his ugly virus-prone, crash-ridden wintel box with an elegant Mac Mini.
by chris January 19, 2005
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an organization of criminal practices in order to make money (most commonly associated with Sicilians).
;highly associated with "hip-hop stars" who like to consider themselves "mafioso".. Ex: LiL Kim, 3-6 Mafia ect.. these people also copy the typical italin lifestyle, such as wearing "bling-bling", driving italian cars, wearing Italian made suits (P. Diddy) and frequently refering to the mafia in their lyrics. These people are the opposite of "wiggers".. they are "Nackers".
Check out LiL Kims new cd, La Bella Mafia.. i didnt know she was in the mafia..
by chris November 09, 2004
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A loser fan of a loser baseball team in venezuela. A magallanero is the lowest life form in the country...only compared to bacteria. Depression, loneliness, abandonment... that's what a normal day stands for those poor bastards. Even the homeless pity them!!
If shit could become a person, that person would be a Magallanero!
by chris March 18, 2005
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When a man is having sex doggy style, he pulls out and spits on her back. When she turns over he ejaculates on her face.
I pulled a magician on my girlfriend and she dumped me.
by chris January 30, 2005
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Majumbo was pracitced by African Tribes. A fire would be started and a group of people would ingage in sexual acts around it. Basically an orgy.
It smells like majumbo in here.
Your breath smells like majumbo.
by chris January 04, 2004
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