3: i have a car
1: but its not your car
3:No its My car
by Frog is stupid and dumb March 14, 2021
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Working on or fixing, installing a new part of an automobile.
He was So Proud that I wrenched on my car} & just couldn't believe it! I was Proud too!
by Starchylde May 28, 2016
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A euphemism for intimate relations commonly used in the 1950s and '60s.
Baby, you can drive my car...
by Linda McCartney December 28, 2009
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Phrase from the game Final Fight after you break the enemies car. Often used to replace the phrase "Oh my God."
by rpeterson36 June 17, 2007
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The David Hasselhoff medley that men use to pick up unsuspecting women.
Works best if you are incredibly drunk and thrusting into the american flag.
"Jump in my car, I want to take you home, come on and jump in my car, it's way too far to walk on your own"
by Holly Holly Wood August 21, 2006
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Slang for Bible /other holy books, such as the Qu'ran. Can also be used in the context of a rare book or any book with important meaning, such as Guide to Life, the Universe, and Everything!
"Yo, you got the nuke in your car?" said the Christian bookworm
"Yeah, the Bible, right?" said his Catholic friend
"You got it, brother!" said the Christian bookworm
(The "nuke (in my car)" is the holy book)
by XxHarvzBackxX April 21, 2019
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v. refers to getting high, usually in the middle of doing something else that is important
K: I have a free period. I'm gonna go home and fix my car.
D: You mean you're gonna go home and get hella high.
by dropacidnotbombs March 19, 2011
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