slang for, 'look at me'. often used in the london or birmingham areas
'shut up harry, yo my time, my time!'
by yian69 August 2, 2008
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"My time" is an expression used by divorced, separated or widowed women who have grown up children. They are now looking for a male companion either for friendship or a long term romance
The profile of a woman who uses the phrase "My time" tends to read as follows - "My children are all grown up. Several are married. I have lovely grandchildren. I live on my own. My children are scattered around the world so unless I visit there is no call for me to babysit. I love travelling and regularly visit them to see the children and grandchildren. This is "My time" now and I would love to meet a man of my own of my own age. Let's have a meal in a quiet restaurant, a few glasses of wine, and see if we click. If we do we can arrange to meet again"
by Criostoir Hulme May 25, 2006
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To do something with little regard to not put to much into a person or situation.
i had to check my time with Malik he to demanding
by raingree January 17, 2008
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What Every One Woman Does To A Man Over The Phone

But In General, Anyone Taking Time Away From You For Their Own Personal Benefit Out Of Ignorance

Made Popular By Comedian Patrice O'neal
"Man: I Gotta Go

Woman: Why You Gotta Go I Wanna Talk To You Some More

Man:Bitch You Are RAPING MY TIME!!!

(but really says)

Man: ok :{
by A Stalker You Know.....Yea.... September 2, 2008
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Phrase used in congressional hearings when politicians are allotted a specific amount of time to speak and/or question those called to testify at such hearings. If during their allotted time they deem a person who is testifying to be lying, misleading, or drawing out the time by not answering the questions directly, the congressperson may reclaim their time. This is allowed within the United States House of Representatives rules and procedures. Most often attributed to Congresswoman Rep. Maxine Waters (Democrat, California) from a hearing in 2017 when she was questioning Secretary of Finance Steven Mnuchin.
"I'm reclaiming my time...Please, will you respond to the question of why I did not get a response, me and my colleagues, to the May 23rd letter?" ~ Maxine Waters
by editorsarah2020 September 1, 2020
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When people are on your time but wasting it!
Maxine: Are you familiar with the May 23rd letter that I sent
Munchkin: Thank you for having me here, you're such a beautifu-
Maxine: RECLAIMING MY TIME. -- Answer the question, hoe.
by Dawta IMVU August 1, 2017
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