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Refers to the girl in the situation illustrated above.
by |AoC| JyL November 2, 2005
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A place/girl where many trains pass through.
California girl A: I had 10 boyfriends last month.
California girl B: Oh yeah? I had 12 boyfriends last month!
Ted: *looks at them* Both of you are train stations. Gross!
by Slammer111 July 9, 2009
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A meeting place, either real or abstract, for austistic children, usually boys.
Autistic boy 1: Help! I can’t stop spinning!

Autistic boy 2: Go to the train station! I’ll meet you there.

Autistic boy 1: Okay.
by don’t stop spinning March 21, 2019
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to "go to" or "wait at" the train station involves intently watching as your buddies run a train and lustfully wait in line for your ride.
Dude Mike that three hour wait at the train station was so worth it. That bitch took each of us like a beast.
by flossyflossay February 2, 2007
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Smoking a blunt at a train station and then watching the trains go by.
"Windels" You guys ever smoke a train station blunt ?
by david3.8 December 1, 2007
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