Woody Grant: So long, Albert.
Uncle Albert: So long, Woody.

by St.Asik March 8, 2014
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So Long comes from the ghettoes of New York where irish,italian Jewish and Arab immigrants mixed together. Jews and Arabs always greet and say goodbye to each other by saying Shalom,Shalom, or Salaam,Salaam. These words were corrupted into solong, solong. Ultimately folks believed that it meant that it had been so long since you had seen someone. Not so.
by David Freedman. August 24, 2005
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so long has the same meaning of BYE dude. used by cowboys often.
a : so long cowboy.
b : take care.
by mostafa June 7, 2005
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A My Chem reference. If you don't get it, go listen to 'Helena'. If you don't want to, get out. And close the goddamn door.
by FobMcrSomething April 17, 2016
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What you say when you manage to escape an angry mob/ the D.A, your dentist, teacher, The Man etc out to get you, and gloat about it. It's a common expression a crook makes when he/she goes down in a blaze of glory
by werallsonsofbitches December 19, 2009
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