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You're having an all night party. Someone falls asleep. You put some real cummy looking hair conditioner on them to simulate the appearance of someone having ejaculated on them while they were asleep.
PETER: Hey, Bobby, Greg's asleep. Let's "condition" him!

BOBBY: Cool! Perfect, I don't think he's ever heard of that, so it will really get him!


GREG: (Yawn......wipes face......opens eyes......) What the fuck! What happened to me......GROSS! God damn it! Where are those fucking faggots!
by Bar Bare-All Eden June 11, 2006
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to gradually acclimatize another into previously untried or forbidden behavior, control, lead into deep water
By smearing peanut butter on her cooter, she conditioned her doberman to provide her 'non-prime time' pleasure
by wriggler February 21, 2005
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