In many subtitles I've found the phrase "you going?" Instead of "are you going?"
Person 1: My big brother bought two movie tickets.
Person 2: You going?
by abhiqwerty December 4, 2019
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Say this once someone says something disrespectful to another person. Once you say this they will be forced to either fight or argue
James:John you a whole bitch
John: James fight me right now
by Pshycicbadass March 8, 2019
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you go for that? is a reply to one person's comment or reply towards another person after then went out bad. Making who ever the comment was to, have to reply back or take it in
Justin: John shut up, that's why you're a bitch
Alex: Damn John! You go for that?
John: Man shut up, always instigating
by OpticaRealzz April 24, 2019
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Something you say when teaching someone. Usually to encourage or indicate they have done something right.

Also, inappropriately used as a filler like "or something like it" and "you know what I mean".
"Is this how it's done?"
"Yeah, there you go"

"Is this how it's done?"
"No, it's like this"
"There you go"
"WTF! I'm the one teaching you!"
by Jigen III August 23, 2009
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1. The appropriate response to a statement which tries to remove you from a certain location when you have no positive desire, intention or propulsion to do so.

2. An effective method of distracting an Indian lady from excessive forms of audible speech.
N.B. - detriment of possible physical violence; i.e. it may bring to effect an act of provocation against the lady and all her man-friends.
1. Common example.

Person 1: go home.
Person 2: you go.

2. Recent example from an Indian reality TV show, "Dadagiri", between Esha and Ravi Bhatia.

Indian lady: why dont you go fuck off then?!
Person 2: you go~

September 6, 2008 - How Can She Slap.
by SAKd June 18, 2009
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what you say when you just dont care enough
girl 1: ive been dancing and cleaning while listing to my ipod today
girl 2: there you go (thinking do i really give a shit?)
girl 1: yea!!!!!!!!!!!
by hoes for life August 21, 2007
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a sarcastice phrase directed toward complete idiots. If an idiot makes a comment, an appropriate response can be a 5 second stare followed by a very loud, sarcastic usage of the phrase. This gets the point across and will usually leave the idiot speechless.
Idiot: I ran 5 miles with JIINSEENNN COOOAAACHHH today!

Person: YOU GO BAK!
by Mike Provenzano October 14, 2009
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