When two people are not offically together (boyfriend, girlfriend) but are not interested in anyone else but that person
Boy- Is she single?
Girl- No
Boy- Does she have a boyfriend?
Girl- uhm.... technically no


Boy- Who's that giy with her?
Girl- That's her.... uhm.... her.... thing.... I dunno what to call him!

by Keli Sue April 5, 2008
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The worst word to hear about a woman or man you like romantically.
Friend: She's unavailable.

Unrequited lover: Ah, shit. Gotta respect that. Ah, fuck, though.
by Ereck Flowers August 19, 2018
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Emotionally Unavailable: Partner who create barriers to intimacy and can make you feel unloved or unwanted. Emotionally Unavailable people find it hard to make time for friends and loved ones. Emotionally unavailable people are sometimes addicts; Whether the addiction is to work, drugs, food, television, exercise, a hobby or the Internet, it will take up a considerable amount of time and energy and leave little time for you. Always criticizes you. Full of excuses for why they cannot be there with you, do things with you, or be available to you for support, than they are emotionally unavailable. When you are emotionally unavailable, sharing feelings within the relationship is avoided and if you bring it up, you’re often mocked as being “hysterical”, “overly emotional” or just plain “silly.” If your partner has a private life (Secret Keeper) from which you are excluded, there are probably serious trust issues which undermine the emotional connection.
Me: Honey, would you like to go to the Christmas Concert with me and the little one?
Him: No
Me: Why don't you ever do things with us as a family?
Him: I don't feel like it.

Me: Hey baby! Why are you so secretive?
Him: Its my personal private business.
Me: Why would you need to hide anything from me.
Him: Stop bi**ing!
Me: You're Emotionally Unavailable and hiding something!
by MisT May 7, 2013
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Despite a person being outwardly single and engaging in friendly conversation and coffee and no visible sign of no girl friend or fiancée, the object of one's desire turns out to either have a twisted trail of past romances or some one who they are still deeply connected with who is not so buried in their heart.
Alice really liked Bob, but it turned out Bob still had a thing for Eve, whom he's last seen a year ago and couldn't let go thus being emotionally unavailable
by Bob_bob April 15, 2013
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someone fucked you up mental and you don't have anymore trust left to give. someone fucked with your heart and broke it so your heartless and want nothing to do with a relationship
boy: yo ma are you single?
girl: yea i'm single but unavailable

boy: who hurt you?
by missgoddess January 3, 2020
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Adj.- Without a blackberry, PDA or Cell phong; Unable to text; no wi-fi available for e-mail management, Facebook status updates or Gchatting. Try as you may, but the only way to reach me will be by smoke signals or messenger pigeons.

Worse than emotionally unavailable because there will be no way to convey that but by word of mouth.
I will be actually camping for 3 days. I will be electronically unavailable at that time.
by Bri Lau August 11, 2009
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The type of guy that means well but is already in a committed relationship with his job, school, etc.
I really like Tiler, but he's too much of the unavailable guy.
by jfreeeesh November 15, 2011
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