Engineer: we are gonna have the generator fixed RN
by ItzDopeCope345 June 19, 2018
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acronym for "right now" meaning shit's going down live/in-real-time, irt
LASHAWN: get up, we're getting burgers
CORY: i am hungover as shit rn man, pick me someth up?
LASHAWN: yeah it'll pass faster if you get your ass up, let's go
by idtst May 11, 2017
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-aim conversation.-
Adrian: `sup!
Tina: Currently listening to music rn. :)
by LOLWHUT?! May 17, 2010
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meaning right now commonly use When you are too fucked up and too lazy to text
"i'm really fucked up rn and will b sick af tomorrow " -Dylan

"Lubna!rn im fucked you tomorrow"
by biatch23 August 24, 2015
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RNs are also known as Real Nurses and are required to have a degree in Nursing, pass state board exams for licensure, and work very very hard - making real sacrifices - for the rest of their careers.
by Babs RN August 24, 2006
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