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From the episode "Laundry" from Jake and Amir. When two guys hang out and start crying. Amir does this often around Jake for no apparent reason.
Amir - Look at us crying up here like a bunch of ninnies. Heh, everybody turn back, don't look at us. Two dudes, two grown men, just sharing a beef.
Jake - What's a beef?
Amir - We're beefing right now!
Jake - No we're not.
by boxmanforpresident January 14, 2012
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An intransitive verb describing the state of being in which one is disagreeing with another; usually associated with blacks.
Black person 1: "Ay, that nigga be beefing wit' Young insert noun/proper noun."

Black person 2: "I kno'. Dey be fightin' ova shit all the time."
by Chicnstew May 24, 2006
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Forming raw ground beef around your penis and proceeding to shove it up a female's ass.
I was beefing this lady so hard, that when i pulled out, the beef was cooked.
by Your Mom April 10, 2005
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