the point where stress is so high and overwhelming that you can't help but break down and cry.
Meg came to her breaking point when the teacher pulled out a pop quiz
by Katerzretak March 01, 2007
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The moment of feeling so much stress, emotions(hatred, sadness, depression, grief, remorse, omitted) to a point where you just lose all strength and hope, you start to cry and feel an aching pain.
I just had my breaking point, and I feel as if all my emotions are gone.
by EqualityFlow November 29, 2018
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Breaking Point is a game on the game: «Roblox» its about winning in the game by shooting and throwing knifes.
by Pxnut December 31, 2020
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Some dumb-ass game where you sit at a table and kill the bastards next to you.
Adam: Hey dude wanna play Roblox Breaking Point?
Josh: Fuck naw, they always pick me and I always lose
Adam: You need some milk boiii, its just a game
Adam: Uno reverse card.
by GamersHomeYT February 23, 2021
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(n.) the level of output at which all costs are equal to revenue. There is niether profit nor a loss.
We make 500 cars a day and sell them for £10,000 each. The cost of making 500 cars in one day is £500,000 so we make no profit and no loss.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 03, 2004
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The deciding moment during a crap, just before climax, when you know everything is going to be just fine. The riddance of the bulk of your intestinal content, the epitome of a satisfying shit.
"Aww dude, I thought I was having to go back to that chick last night with a clumpf... but just as I was losing all hope of scoring, I reached point break out of the blue and blasted that shit to hell!"
by Drewbud315 September 10, 2007
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