the point where stress is so high and overwhelming that you can't help but break down and cry.
Meg came to her breaking point when the teacher pulled out a pop quiz
by Katerzretak March 1, 2007
The moment of feeling so much stress, emotions(hatred, sadness, depression, grief, remorse, omitted) to a point where you just lose all strength and hope, you start to cry and feel an aching pain.
I just had my breaking point, and I feel as if all my emotions are gone.
by EqualityFlow November 30, 2018
A political show on YouTube with the host Saager Enjeti and Krystal Ball.
Wow I can’t believe that Breaking Points gained so many subscribers in a short amount of time
by Ferlegend27 November 30, 2021
Breaking Point is a game on the game: «Roblox» its about winning in the game by shooting and throwing knifes.
by Pxnut December 31, 2021
Some dumb-ass game where you sit at a table and kill the bastards next to you.
Adam: Hey dude wanna play Roblox Breaking Point?
Josh: Fuck naw, they always pick me and I always lose
Adam: You need some milk boiii, its just a game
Adam: Uno reverse card.
by GamersHomeYT February 23, 2021
3 guys go to a roblox game and shove 50. caliber pistols up their ass until a pistol goes off.
Guy1: Wanna hop on breaking point later
Guy2: Sure! But let me ask my mom.
by californian crackhead June 2, 2021