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a name that apparently looks like penis.

used to in refrence of something that looks like a penis.
That is a sepenis right there.
by kassidey May 24, 2008
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1) n. a woman with many strong masculine features, such as hairy arms or facial hair, or possibly a penis
2) n. a person who loses their temper easily, often due to overuse of drugs or alcohol
3) n. a person who is selfish, conceited, and extremely insecure, and who often argues with others for no reason as a result
1) Man, check out that sepenis, her package is bigger than mine!
2) Damn, that sepenis said she'd shank me because I took her chair!
3) That sepenis just yelled at me because I asked her to lend me a dollar. That bitch is gonna answer to my glock!
by Frank Richalds January 28, 2006
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