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1. Having too many Famous Amos cookies, therefore giving you horrible diarrhea.

2. Accidentally dropping your cookie in milk and forgetting that it's there until you get done drinking it. The blob that's left forms a doo-doo shape called a Famous Anus.
"Dude, I shouldn't have eaten so many cookies. Now I got the Famous Anus"

"What is that? Oh, I forgot I dropped that in there earlier. I'm not gonna eat that Famous Anus"
by Charbickus March 21, 2008

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The answer to a crossword clue where the fist and last letters are already "s" and "c", respectively. Successfully utilizes the word Penis to solve any clue.
Man 1: "What is a 7 letter word for horse?"
Man 2: "Penis"
Man 1: "That's only 5 letters; Plus it already starts with an s and ends with a c"
Man 2: "Spenisc"
Man 1: "Thanks"
by Charbickus March 18, 2008

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