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Probably the least likely, of all the current Disney Channel Stars, to fade off into teen bopper obscurity or become a disease ridden druggie. She is pretty, one of the only good actresses on that channel, and has potential. Often, she is called names such as "slut" or anything to that effect by fans of Miley Cyrus, although she has done nothing to prove that she is one.

She is also the best on that channel at keeping her life private and staying true to her roots.

Appreciated by parents for being a good role model.
"Hey, who do you think is the best role model on the Disney Channel?"

"I would have to say Selena Gomez, she seems intelligent, nice and like she has talent."
by Guy with a brain. September 07, 2009
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by Mystikan April 11, 2006
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The only female Disney star under the age of 18 who is a good role model to younger viewers. She is said to 'take over' Miley Cyrus's place. Thats completely false.
Selena will never be that ugly, untalented, slutty, or fake. Her tv show Wizards of Waverly Place is becoming to be a huge hit. Her music career is slowly becoming successful BECAUSE she has talent. The only reason Miley's music career is doing good is because her hit tv show Hannah Montana is based on her poor singing.

Sorry miley, but you're going to fail and watch selena rise to the top.
Unlike miley cyrus, selena gomez has talent. She's beautiful and has self respect.
Thank god she's here to save us from slutty cyrus.
by PHOTO. August 12, 2008
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An Disney Channel actress.Good friends with other Disney Channel stars like Miley Cyrus,Emily Osment,Demi Lovato,and all the rest of them.She is friends with Miley Cyrus,even though they played enemies on Hannah Montana,Is a singer,and sang the theme song to her new show on Disney Channel,Wizards of Waverly Place
Everything is not what it seems,does Alex(Selena Gomez) know that!
by Meena November 28, 2007
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Selena Gomez was a former Disney star from the show Wizards Of Waverly Place, one of the last decent Disney shows still aired on Disney Channel. Selena is a decent person who is letting her feet off the ground, to grow her image to her age. She's starring in a new movie called Spring Breakers, which is not really age appropriate for her current audience. In my opinion, she's shifting and taking it slow, which is a good thing, and not rushing to adulthood. Great job Selena, and keep it up.

Regular Person: "Bitch please, I don't even care about her and I'm pretty sure she's not a slut. She's GROWING UP, and you're just jealous because she's only dating Justin Bieber."
by A person on a planet. September 04, 2012
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I don't understand why so many people hate her. She is very pretty and a MILLION times better then that slut "Hannah Montanna" Miley IthinkIamallthatandabagofshit. Selena is a talented actress but I do agree she isnt the best singer but she is still good. She is one of the few Disney teen stars that has a good head and heart and sticks to her Texas roots.
People who hate her: Selena Gomez is a slut!
Me: What has she done to show she is a slut?

People who hate her: Selena Gomez is the next Miley!
Me: What has she done to PROVE that?

People who hate her: Selena Gomez is...
Me: Shut the fuck up! Selena Gomez hasn't done a damn thing to prove that she is a slut or she is the next Miley. Fuck you son of a bitches and get a life.
by ThexMusicxSlut August 22, 2009
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The most beautiful person on this whole damn planet. If you are reading this Selena, stop smoking. It ruins your lungs and Ican speak for every living person on this planet, we want you to live forever.
"Who is the most beautiful person of all time?"
"Oh hands down, Selena Gomez."
by Peter Parker March 02, 2021
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