Noticable hairs that grow on the face of (hopefully) a male and give him a more masculin look. These hairs can be in the form of a beard, gotee, sideburns, mustache, or maybe just a little peach fuzz. Typically during the teen years (as they hit puberty and begin to grow it) they shave it off or keep it to a bare minimum of hair, so the girls their age can enjoy their youthful look and want to mate with them. Depending on the face shape, and color of the facial hair, a man can look good or bad with it. A female never looks good with facial hair.
1. Look! Jon forgot to shave off his facial hair today, you can see all the little tiny black hairs on his face!

2. Jade, I think you should wax above your lip, you've got so much facial hair there you're starting to grow a mustache.
by Bored Adolescent in Basement November 7, 2007
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Either it looks like shit rubbed onto your upper lip, our your a very "large and in charge" woman with what looks like the rat-stache of a 12 year old boy.
The managers at Burger King
by whopper boy December 11, 2004
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Ironic Facial Hair is novelty facial hair grown with the intention of being "ironic"... Although the results are usually about as ironic as that song by Alanis Morisette. It is generally considered a hipster term.
Ironic Facial Hair can either be subjective toward the bearer (for instance a Jew with a toothbrush moustache) or more commonly achieved by growing a non-conformist style of facial hair that is rarely seen in modern society (for instance, the salvador dali moustache or mutton chops) the latter making this applicable to the hipster community.
"I had a Rap Industry Standard goatee BEFORE they were cool"

"I'm so non-conformist I'm going to grow some Ironic Facial Hair. I can't decide between 'The Super Mario' or 'The Jack Sparrow'"
"Dude, they're both way too mainstream - get a 'Franz Josef'"

Mel Gibson's sinister-looking imperial "evil villain" beard at the 59th Annual ACE Eddie Awards in 2009 was incredibly ironic.
by WithNewSmootherFavour July 19, 2011
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Similar to: No-shave November, Decembeard, Manuary, and March Stashness... The month is meant to celebrate the wonders of a man (or woman) and their facial hair.
Q: Yo whats up with the facial hair, bro?
A: Ive been keeping it goin since No-shave November, and its Facial Hair February ... get with it.
by McKracken72 December 4, 2010
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The rule that states that fascists have mustaches:
(Hitler, Mussolini)
and communists have Beards:
(Marx, Castro, Lenin)

Mao is an exception, because he is Asian and therefore does not need facial hair.

Also known as the FHR
According to the Facial Hair Rule, your new friend is not a communist as you believe, but is actually striving for fascism!
by Mindbleed June 16, 2008
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The day after the season at an amusement park ends, for male workers.

No longer are they forced to shave to absurd standards to pass a strict"grooming policy"
After I stopped worked at the amusement park and started a new job, I celebrated facial hair freedom by not having to waste ten minutes shaving my face.
by Downvoting Victim March 23, 2017
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1: A barber that dresses beards and mustaches in a way that aims to liberate the mind by emphasizing the critical and imaginative powers of the subconscious

2: A barber that dresses beards and mustaches that are themselves deemed to be surrealist

3: A hair dresser cuts or styles hair with his or her face or the face of another
ex. 1 My beard used to make me look boring until I started visiting a surrealist facial hair stylist.

ex. 2 My moustache is a lobster so I can only have it tended to by the most qualified surrealist facial hair stylists.

ex. 3 When the stylist ate the only pair of scissors in the establishment and began to chew my hair away, I knew I was dealing with a surrealist facial hair stylist.
by mroconnell August 16, 2010
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