A 9/11 conspiracy theorist who's completely out of his mind. His tactics of preaching are to barge into the UCLA lectures and spout off his mindless babble, stand up and start chanting his Anti-American agenda in a crowded and very quiet library, and to target those in America most likely to believe his bullshit...college students.

He has a fetish for The Illuminati, Bohemian Grove, and many other waste-of-time subjects. He's known for calling nonbelievers of his far fetched conspiracy theories, Zombies. Even more so, accusing people (i.e. Bush) of being Satanic Devil Worshipers.

He also wont shut up about the New World Order.

His rather hysterical choice of apparel includes cargo shorts with a black shirt, sun glasses, and an American flag bandanna. He believes he's in his own little American Matrix.

He also is author/founder of an extremely ridiculous book/website which discuss all of his preposterous theories and fairy tales with even more preposterous and idiotic people, which I refuse to give out to people, since the last thing this man needs is publicity.
John Conner's book & website stink more then dog shit.
by Shawn PuppyStomper February 1, 2007