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1. To sodomize in a manner which produces santorum; to screw-over in a particularly nasty way.

2. To give something the quality of santorum; to make a mess of.

3. To revile or damn a person or thing by using its name as an offensive neologism, as in santorum.
1. Yeah, I santorumized him good.
2. Damn, you really santorumized that pillowcase.
3. You can't santorumize "Bush," really, because bush already has so many meanings.
by mp April 09, 2005
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The act of being Santorum, which may or may not include incest, homosexuality, or "man-on-dog." Popularized by PA Senator Rick Santorum's comments liking homosexuality to bestiality.
I santorumized my neighbor's dog last week.
by Jim July 31, 2003
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