Practice time’s over now, we’re headed to Capitol Hill”
by Strudelgod03 January 6, 2021
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1. Seattle neighborhood populated mostly by an abundance of floppy beanie-wearing, ironically mustachioed, self-important individuals. Most attend art school or are "photographers". Area seems to breed misguided political views. The area is flooded with overpriced, overcrowded boutique bars designed to resemble a dusty basement. Swill beer (i.e. Pabst, Natural Ice, Busch, Ranier, Olympia) is consumed in large quantities.

2. Hipster capitol of the Northwest

3. The Brooklyn of the West Coast.
"Bro, what's goin down tonight?"

"Thinking about hittin up Capitol Hill to drink all the PBRs. Coming?"

"Yeah, but I can't stay too late. I have to go take pictures in the morning for class."
by ReluctantSeattlite January 8, 2013
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A very uncomfortable place to sit if one's name happens to be Bill.
Ty: What are you doing here?

Bill: Well, I'm just sitting here on Capitol Hill.

Ty: Loser.

Don't worry Bill, I'm rooting for you.
by Diggity Monkeez March 27, 2005
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A place currently controlled by the Republican-dominated Congress and the Executive Branch under George W. Bush. Thank the Lord!
Eight years of Bush; far better than four years of KERRY!
by A Baptist March 29, 2005
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Area in Seattle Washington that boasts to holding more homosexuals per capita than anywhere else in the nation.
also holds an unfortunate statistic that 1 in every 5 gay men in Capitol hill are infected with HIV
by herbie February 1, 2004
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CHDS does absolutely nothing to prepare you for real life. It is basically a prep school for Sidwell and is home to 50% Taylor Swift stans and 70% assholes. The school is a wannabe progressive that fucks up a little too often.

Students are pretty nice and they have an impressively small amount of bullying. Stay clear of taking French and you'll be fine. Beautiful campus but you got to wonder what the fuck they are doing with all that money.

Warning: You may meet famous people's asshat children who will threaten to arrest you.
Typical conversation with a kid from Capitol Hill Day School:

CHDS kid 2: Dude, did you see the presidential debate last night?

St. Peter's kid: What about it?

CHDS kid 1: My mom was in it.

CHDS kid 2: My mom *was* the debate.

St. Peter's kid: WTF...
by ittybittytitties September 29, 2021
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