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A force beyond this world that causes misfortures to occur in sporting events.
"No, SIR why did my boy fumble?"

"The Reverend causes fumbles not the SIR. Thank you Reverend!!!"
by GAUD November 17, 2004
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The most popular deifying title - Reverend which is derived from Latin reverendus. Greeks rendered the word, Augustus - Acts 25:21; 25:25 - by Sebastos, literally reverend.

"He sent redemption unto His people; He hath commanded His covenant for ever, holy and reverend is His name" Psalm 111:9. The word, reverend, is found only one time in the entire Bible of the King James Version and then it was attributed to God; and it is derived from the Hebrew word, Yare, which occurs several hundred times in the original Bible.

It has been rendered by such words as fearful, terrible and dreadful. The thought intended by the Psalmist is that God is holy and deserved to be worshiped. It is a staunch belief of every Christian that there is only one God and He is the Reverend.
by Pisabbathi March 10, 2006
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