A worthless person who contributes nothing to society, they think they deserved to be called honorable, however they are really just leeches of free healthcare and govt benefits when they have plenty of money so that they really don't need either.
Tom: Well Maria just took another week off work because she just felt like going out to dinner and having people kiss her ass.

Ed: Maria is such a fucking senator.
by MrHobbes69 June 27, 2014
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An older out of touch person( usually white male)
That tells everyone else what to do and how to live
Excuse me Senator why are you all up in my business who Do You Think You Are You to tell me how to act you ain't my daddy
by BigFatDaddyof 7 March 13, 2018
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A White Man who enjoys power over all other men. A senator is person who was suppose to check and balance fedural laws but insted impress their will on the people who voted for them.
I Senator ________ will do this for you if you vote for me. Haha just joking no I won't. Just vote for me jackass.
by AP-By_Design March 13, 2018
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1. Rich guy who tries using his power to convince and/or force women into sex.
2. Person in power that mistreats women, the pays them to shut up.

3. Man who gets his mistress pregnant and then forces them to get abortion.
Husband: Hey honey, how was your day at work?
Wife: My boss is a senator and he’s me to planned parenthood.
by TruthBadger March 17, 2018
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A person who runs in a presidential election, but loses to the opposite party, because they did not have a senator running.
Senators can't win elections: It didn't work for Dole, it didn't work for Lieberman, it didn't work for Kerry, and it's not gonna work for Clinton.
by Dark Chaos December 11, 2004
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1) Along with the courts, the main governing body of the Galactic Republic that Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine of Naboo embodies.
2) An government entity possessing the unlimited power.

3) A man too dangerous to be left alive.
"I am the Senate." - Palpatine, the Senate
"Not yet." - Mace Windu, blinded by arrogance
"It's treason, then." - Palpatine, readying himself to do a 920 degree backflip spin from the prone position to stab three worthless Jedi masters while screeching
by FullHonestTruth November 30, 2017
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The man that has amassed so much power in the government that he alone embodies the government.

ex: Sheev Palpatine
by Dark Plague Us the Eyes April 10, 2017
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