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A person who can work any piece of technology perfectly. Not a nerd because has friends.
Robbie Jones your a major Tech
by max October 16, 2003
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A male of a strange persuasion. A man who spends a great deal of time inspecting, to the point of entering, other men's holes, specifically the bumhole.
Don't bare yer arse in front of that geezer over there, he's a bloody manhole inspector. Poofy git!
by max December 11, 2003
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To have super-rough wierd sex with a girl, in the manner of pornographer extrordinaire, Max Hardcore.
I totally gave that girl the Max Hardcore.
by max December 20, 2004
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A product used for penis enlargement.
I went to the store to buy Maximus so I could impress my girlfriend in the sack
by max March 29, 2004
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the greatest and most overpowering religion. worchip by many known by little. ppl of this religion worship the almighty max creator of all ruler of many. highest life form there is. even though hes short and drinks....cough syrup..oh yeah!!
by max April 15, 2005
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Black metal legends. Quite possibly the coolest fucking band in existence. Has a very violent history.
by max April 02, 2003
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