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Apparently the only question left that can not be answered by any scientist and/or believer.
me: "Hey god, I have but one question for you, a question so universal and simple that every soul on earth would want to ask it to you: WHAT IS THE MEANING OF LIFE?"
god: "How should I know?"
by max February 8, 2004
Most original band you will hear today
Wow too bad no other band evn competes with CKY
by max October 26, 2003
To have your business (what you do to get what you want) promptly taken care of.
No LAN party this weekend, because I gotta catch up with my schoolwork; I'll call you when I get my shit together.
by max April 4, 2003
1. When a man's sex organ (dick) is hanging so low it touches the ground, drags.
2. When a man's dick is cut off and re-pasted on in a lower area...
I went to the docter to get a liposuction, but all he he did was super creshendo me!
by max December 2, 2003
Gud For You, also known as Good For You.
Marry:I heard he Quit!!
John: Is it?? Gud For you!!
by max September 15, 2004
crap, that guy is such a raspin!
by max November 4, 2003