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Defined by many, coined by his Capitol Hill spa mates because of his infamous lack of rectal pre-sex hygiene, for the mess that results.
Capitol Hill Spa Buddy: "Awwwe, Damn Richardo! Look at this mess; haven't you ever heard of a little thing called WATER! It ain't that difficult, Jeez! Look, dudes, all this nasty santorum he left on me!"
by chucki August 16, 2011

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A gay person, who may or may not be out, and actively works against the interests of the LBGT community. Like an Uncle Tom for the gays, he will go along with the conservative right wing rather than growing a pair and standing up for himself and others like him. Exhibiting high self deception, he's acting overly anti-gay to avert suspicion that he is gay. Often applied to a politician.
By voting against every gay friendly piece of legislation he could, Larry Craig outed himself as Uncle Mary.

The California State Senator caught driving while intoxicated when leaving a gay bar with a male passenger, Roy Ashburn, is a sad Uncle Mary.
by chucki March 10, 2010

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A coughed up blob of phlegm and mucous; a lugi; a snag
I was disgusted when my wifey left a nasty green slugargit in the bathroom sink, without washing it down. Lucky for her, I called it to her attention before it dried on.
by chucki March 27, 2015

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1. The condition of a shirt or article of clothing, usually off the floor, that is recycled or re-worn, already broken in, sweaty and wrinkled. Generally occurs when laundry day is long past, and is especially(exclusively?) popular with guys; college, bachelors, or married, much to the chagrin of their lady friends.
Wife: "Honey, let me iron you a clean shirt"
Husband: "Not necessary dear. I'll just recycle one of these shirts off the floor, they're already pre-stinkled."
by chucki November 13, 2012

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