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She is a very insecure girl. She doesn't know how amazing she is. She is very pretty. Dropdead gorgeous. She is super nice and everyone loves her. She is an angel. And she is ultra funny. She always tries to lighten up everyone's mood and she succeeds. She can make anything seem funny. She makes everyone around her happy. She carries a warm aura with her. Everyone wants to be her friend; all the girls want to be her and all the guys want her. But despite all the compliments she gets everyday, she is always secretly broken inside.
Guy 1: "She is totally an Abby."
Guy 2: "Yeah. She's amazing. I wanna get her number."

Girl 1: "OMG, she is gorgeous!"
Girl 2: "OMG, yeah, I want to be her!"
by Heather12345 April 27, 2013
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an abby is a funny, sassy, and beautiful girl. usually really insecure and doesn't understand how amazing she is. she tries to be friends with everybody, but you wouldnt want her to be in a fight with you, kitty's got claws. she has many friends but doesn't realize it. people line up to talk to her. she hasn't had many relationships but those she have been in have been imporrtant to her .
Guy1: Damn look at that abby! she's gorgeous!
Guy2: Yeah, everybody wants to get with her. too bad she has too much dignity for that.
by jake2468 December 26, 2011
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Abby is the best person you’ll ever meet in your entire life. She’s a sweet, kind, caring person. No matter what she will always be there for you. If you have the chance to meet or be with a Abby don’t miss out. She is also THE prettiest girl I know. No matter what people tell her she will always be pretty. Her brown hair frames her hazel-green eyes like a picture. Abby is a very forgiving person, and to add on very talented. She’s athletic, loves music, and very smart. Always there to help you with math homework. She also is one of the funniest people I will ever know and meet. When I’m feeling sad and down she’s always there to bring a smile to my face. Yes she may be a funny potato, but she’s my potato. She’s a majestic potato. Yes...
*on the phone with a Abby*

Abby: I really want to eat chocolate cake...
Me: Same, let’s do it.

*goes to store and gets cake. Soon going to Abby’s house and watching movies while eating cake*
by Majestic_Potato October 14, 2018
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A beautiful woman who is shy and sweet. She truly thinks she is fat and ugly, but everyone can see she is very pretty. She deserves to be a princess, but she is just an "average class" girl. She is mid height with mid back length brown or blonde hair. Her eyes are big hazel-green wondering ones. She wears glasses but they don't make her ugly, they make her more pretty.
Abby has coordinated outfits but they are her own style. She makes the outfits perfect, for she is perfect.
When you are Abby's friend, you know she trusts you. You trust her back. You know her , both her shy, uncoordinated side, and her wild, cool, laughing, talkative side. You love her for who she is.
When you are a boy/boyfriend/crush of Abby, or if she is a girlfriend/crush of yours you like her. She blushes when you are around, and her friends whisper sometimes when you look at her.

You want to know who she really is under her shy, serious mask. You race friends to try to make her yours.

She is Angelic. She tries to get perfect grades, and she isn't extremely social.
Friend 1: Wow Abby, I like how you can change your side.
Friend 2: You are so pretty. I like hanging out with you.
Abby: No, I am not pretty, I am fat and ugly. You guys have the good looks.
Boy 1: That girl is so pretty. I wish she was mine.. 😍I call dibs
Boy 2: You can't call dibs on a girl. Race you!
Boy 1: You're ON!
by Astonished Anonymous User January 24, 2015
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Abby is the best friend you can find and is really amazing girl she thinks she is ugly and fat but that’s not true she thinks she is short but never in this world NEVER LET A ABBY GO IF YOU HAVE ONE she has hard times but never shows her true sadness she always smiles and makes friends easy

She will never judge you for you size or anything ABBY is my number one besties if you find a Abby never let her go and tell her how much she means to you 💖🤞🏼Love you bestie
Guy:omg have you seen that girl she is so pretty

Her bff:hey Abby I found you a guy
Her bff:you will love him trust me
(They are cute now)
via giphy
by Abby/her bff July 28, 2018
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ABBY is the one person you will most likely never be friends with but if you ever do take it as an honor because she is so loyal she will have a boyfriend that does not even like him like that so he does not hurt anyone's feelings, so she is an incredible individual she can attract a man in a heart-beat and if they don't come that's because they have no heart beat to attract.When she starts to feel depressed just remind her about her relationship actually wait don't just tell her about her best friend that is awesome by the way,
i wonder if i will ever meet an ABBY.
by wmoore December 15, 2018
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