1. narcoleptic

2.A ditsy blond who acts like a three year old child.

3.A senior citizen who's addicted to fabric.
1.Granny turned into a real pillowcase.

2.look at that pillowcase sleeping at the wheel.

3.jennie is such a pillowcase she forgot her make-up again.
by Acid303404 May 17, 2005
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1. A covering used to protect your pillow from the elements.
2. An object sold to children at very high prices at concerts when they have nothing to be held up and/or signed. Sometimes has the band logo ironed on, but is still worth much less than little Susie's mother will be paying for it.
1. " Mommy, I need to buy a new pillowcase. Mine is covered in booooooogers."
2. "Mommy, Hannah Montana is in town and that nice looking man over there is selling pillowcases! You know I'll cherish it forever!"
by cowsgomoo212 April 13, 2010
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It’s when someone (me, I’m doing it now as I type this, yeah) shits in Sandy’s pillowcase.
I shit in a pillowcase. Matter of fact, I’m still currently shitting in Sandy’s pillowcase.
by Plinko59 December 16, 2018
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A person who sleeps all day, is crabby, and walks funny.
Most are named Jay.
Yo man what you up to?
sleepin dawg
wow. youza mothafuckin pillowcase crab, G!
word... but i don't take shit
by hippomenes August 16, 2008
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