21 definitions by mp

1. The dumbest person ever in America
2. One who wins an election unfairly
3. A monkey
4. The worst world leader ever
5. One who has trouble with pronouncing simple words (such as nuclear)
6. Pubic hair
7. A great band
George W. Bush is the biggest moron ever... we're doomed for another 4 years...DOOMED
by mp November 13, 2004
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To give back or donate items generously to others. such as presents, cars or hockey pucks.
I didnt feel so good this morning until I started phaneufing.
by mp May 14, 2013
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n. this is the alter ego of graham baum. g-money is often seen sporting iced out chains and often refers to himself in third person. he has excellent pimping skills with the ladies. he wheres fury hats and cromed out teeth (like flava flav)
g-money says ,"hello ladies, its g-money. y'all wanna hop in my ride?"
by mp October 26, 2004
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Final Definition... the shit is CODEINE from COUGH SYRUP... aint no fucking rum and shit none of that gay shit..... its HYDROCODONE, CODEINE whatever from PRESCRIBED COUGH SYRUP u cant BUY SYRUP so anyone who thinks u can ur damn stupid unless u stay in mexico. Some ppl call it TUSS from 'hydro-tussin' meaning its a cough supressant with HYDROCODONE in it. Fuck all that shit yall talkin bout. (Popular in Houston texas, and throughout texas nowadays and Louisiana)

You usually " po up " (to mix it with) in a fruitopia or a sprite... hence the other slang for it "purple sprite"
Im fixin to sip the syrup.
by mp March 13, 2004
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an english measurement used by the chinese with an accent; discovered by the curious mind of matt lu
Matt Lu: Coasch, how many yars off the ball?
by mp January 13, 2005
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