an ordinary boy, that have so much haters because he is perfect. Makes everybody in the room laugh. They also liked girls named Tata cause they think they’re the best.
Richardo: whoaa, Tata is a perfect sample of God’s creation.
Boy #2: yeah, she is
by zoyazoya30 November 16, 2018
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A great content creator who engages with his chat and has the biggest crush on his girlfriend S. he often jokes around about things that people would get backlash for but he manages to change the tone to make it acceptable. He loves making people laugh and has jokes for every situation. He is very attractive but denies it or deflects the compliment
Did you watch Richardo’s stream?

Richardo is hosting another giveaway did you join?
by Aaleeyuh October 29, 2020
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A God Among men, a comparison to Marilyn Manson. Alannahs numero uno BIATCH. freakin...pritty lol.
Dang hes nifty, but not as nifty as that Richardo-Pie.
He has amazing taste in music, and knows that alannah is the shit.
by alannah enchillada February 11, 2008
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