25 definitions by Razukin

(adj., exp., n.) 1. Spectacularly good. 2. Awesome, great. 3. Used to denote awesomeness, greatness or spectacular goodness. 4. Used to describe the act of complaining.
"This cheesecake is bitchin'."
"Stop your bitchin', you damn New Yorker!"
by Razukin December 4, 2002
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(v.) 1. To acknowledge recognition of someone known. (exp.) 2. Said when a familiar person is seen to greet them or to exercise superiority.
"He reckanized her." "HEY, BROTHA! RECKANIZE!" "HA! I ownz0r J00! RECKANIZE!"
by Razukin December 1, 2002
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(prop n.) 1. A resident of New York. 2. Someone who can speak Profanese. 3. A damned ornery person. 4. Someone who can't pronounce the name of their own state.
"Hey, where are you from?" "I'm from New Yawk." "Where?" "FOGEDDABODDIT!"
by Razukin December 2, 2002
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(n.) 1. Some New Yorker trying to say "There."
"Is it here?" "No, it's dere." "Where?" "Dere!" "I don't understand..." "FOGEDDABODDIT!"
by Razukin December 2, 2002
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(n.) 1. A whole fucking lot.
"I got a fuckload of money from winning the lottery."
by Razukin December 2, 2002
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(adj.) 1. Falling into the field of sciency 2. BS that sounds so true it may perceived as truth.
"His scientastic story excellently explained the origin of pirates."
by Razukin December 3, 2002
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