what trump did to america
Guy 1: Did you know that trump invaded america?
Guy 2: Yeah, he's a fucking imbecile.
by lazarbeamsfan11 February 24, 2019
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to fuck a girl "invade" her with your dick.
by Adrian January 28, 2006
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2 fingers in the pink 2 fingers in the stink named after the classic wrestler VADER it was his symbol
Dude, use the invader on that chick.

Did you just invade Sarah?
by Ryan November 21, 2003
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From DAOC hacks, a mapping/radar program that has a female voice say "invader" when and enemy is near.
"Anyone have Invader so we can go find the enemy?"
by Dave-o October 22, 2004
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It was Nick's last hope.
Nick now shows fine programming such as the Amanda Show, Romeo!, and the 5,000 airings of Spongbob everyday. I also want to stab myself in the face.
by Babyghost666 April 9, 2004
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an animated tv show created by jhonen vasquez in 2001. the show aired on nickelodeon for about a year, and was then cancelled. due to the show's popularity with the older nick-viewing audience, thousands of people petitioned online to have the show remain on the air, but their efforts failed. they then took matters into their own hands, recording all 38 episodes of the show, putting them in AVI and MPEG video formats, and uploading them to the internet for anyone to get their hands on. the show continued to air for about another year, and was eventually taken off.
the show is about an alien from the planet irk named zim. at the beginning of the series, irk had begun "operation impending doom II", a mission to conquer every planet in the universe. zim was an irken who wished to participate, and was reluctantly allowed to do so by the almighty tallest, the leaders of irk. zim has a robotic servant named GIR, and zim's archnemesis is dib, a boy who knows the identity of zim but is ridiculed by his peers.
invader zim owns all other nick shows.
by d-shadow January 15, 2004
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