Identical to the English word "so", except with extra O's added for extra emphasis. Often used when waiting for a response, or when intensifying an adjective.
Soooo...did you get my last IM or what?
This movie is soooo boring!
by Chad Baker September 8, 2005
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Usually a precursor to the word "hot" when linguistically challenged SweetVally High girls describe the attractiveness of girly-men like Ashton Kutcher
"OMG OMG OMG Aston Kutcher is like, sooooo hot!"

"Like, I know. I hate to change the subject when we are talking about Ashton, but do you have any Vagisil?"

"Like, totally!"
by Tha_Cuddla April 19, 2004
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What you say when trying to describe something or explain something to someone, and when you're finished and don't know what else to say after.
This is usually followed by an awkward silence.
person #1: "...but then I didn't really know what to do *pause* soooo... ya."

person #2: "mhmmmm"

person #1: "yup"
by that kid with the hair July 13, 2010
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If what you're insinuating it's true.... and that idea was stolen from me... Doesn't that mean that I single handedly took over the world with out even trying?
Iam "Soooo... I still don't see what it is that is being insinuated here.... If you're insinuating what I think you're insinuating.... Then... Did I take over the world with a $50 phone?"

Hym ".................."

Iam "Hym?"

Hym ".................."

Iam "Are... Are you ok?"

Hym "................."

Iam "Hym!? You're seriously starting to freak me out! What is happening right now!?"

Hym ".... We're literally Purple-Man you stupid son of a bitch... What have you done....?"

Iam "I.... Oh.... Oh... Shit..."

Hym "This... This can't be happening right now... You fucking killed us you idiot....what have we done?..."

Iam "... We can fix it! It'll be like '1100' where the kid with verbal virus takes over that school! We'll just be the guy that has the power to take away powers!"

Hym ".... I was right... They are going to kill the shit out of us for this..."

Iam "No no no... It'll be fine! I can fix it! Hym can fix it!! If anyone can fix it; it's Hym!"

Hym "If I...They took my name in vain..."
by Hym Iam April 29, 2022
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Based on the Waterfront in Norwich, however it can be applied anywhere:

This is when the DJ for a themed night (i.e rock/metal/dance etc) plays a few good songs once every 2 hours, the rest is rubbish and appeals only to the fat, ugly and desperate who seem to dominate the dance floor...probably coz no-one wants to go near them.
Metal/Rock Club Night

Me: WTF? The DJ was playing some decent tunes now Dizzee Rascal is on, how is that Metal?

Friend: I know it's soooo Waterfront
by LadyMaliceJade August 11, 2011
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Pp soooo good isn’t it like a popsicle you just lick it sooo good
Pp soooo good isn’t it it
by Moisesisreallygood November 6, 2020
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