In player parlance, it's a pushy technique used in making conversation with women where you ask an open-ended question and stubbornly wait for an answer. You don't say anything until she does, no matter what. You don't fidget, you don't laugh, you don't look apologetic or at all uncomfortable. Eventually, she will get uncomfortable with the vacuum, and fill it by answering your question, getting herself involved in the conversation.
(You're talking some woman up, and the convo runs a bit dry, so you turn on the vacuum:)
You: "Tell me about the best photograph you've ever seen."
Her: Huh?
You: ...
Her: ... (fidgeting)
You: ...
Her: Well, I saw one in a magazine once.
You: ... (cock an eyebrow)
Her: Well, I was flying home from Singapore and there was an article about Cambodia, and I was kinda bored, but then I turned to the second page and there was this woman staring back at me with the most incredible eyes, I had to stop myself from crying...
by pizzaf November 25, 2006
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A word that, mouthed, looks like "fuck you". Use if you want to mess with someone, or if you're too much of a wimp to say the real thing.
Check it out yourself. Get someone's attention and mouth "vacuum". Yay!
by Nessykins March 17, 2007
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Term made popular by Scary Movie. When a desperate loser with a small penis gets pleasure for the sucking power of a dust buster.
Patrick Valenti stuck his dick in a vacuum cleaner, desperate for a blow job!
by scag January 20, 2005
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Something you use to suck up dirt or dust with.
I used the vacuum to clean the rug
by sdlkfjsldkjf May 1, 2005
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(noun) to vacuum.

The act of waking someone who is asleep up by turning on a vacuum in their room.

- Get out the vacuum and plug it in to an outlet in the hallway
- QUIETLY open the victim/roommates door and place the vacuum as far away from their bed as possible without waking them up
- Turn on the vacuum and RUN

Because the cord is in the hallway, the victim isn't able to yank on it to pull it off and must fumble around in the dark and half asleep to turn the vacuum off. It usually will take a couple minutes. Stand in the hallway and wait until it turns off, then you know you were successful.

To make it even better:

Have a friend who has never vacuumed anyone before do it, and then lock them in the room as soon as they turn the vacuum on so that when the victim wakes up, all they see is that person.
"Last night, we vacuumed Travis when we got home from the bars. As soon as Dan turned it on, Ryan and I locked him in the room. As soon as the vacuum turned off and the light came on, all we could hear was, "Oh hi Travis" by Dan. CLASSIC."
by The 604 Vacuum Master November 14, 2009
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A human responsible for rampant "sucking", and not the fun "sucking" that would be the result of a successful night out with a girl, but rather the negative conotation of the word sucking... What do vacuums do? They suck.
That girl sucks- she's a real vacuum.

Sorry dude, I told that vacuum girl I'd hang with her tonight...
by Rhino555 January 6, 2010
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A device used to deprive someone of sleep and piss them off while simultaneously cleaning the house.

Me (after 3 hours of sleep): Just shut the fuck up already!!!!
by Your goddamn conscience March 19, 2010
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