used directly after dissing somebody, especially in comebacks. When written in text, the word officially has 7 h's. If the writer uses less than 7, he or she is declaring that they (the writer) are gay. If more than 7, they are super gay.
Henry: "you're funny"

Alen: "you're funny looking, ohhhhhhh"
by super pinky March 14, 2008
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The super-welcome/relieving point in time when ya hear a repair-person make the much-hoped-for "Aha! I just now spotted what the problem is" type of exclamation, and so you happily realize that not only did he locate the source of the malfunction in your device, but his cheerful/confident tone also indicates that he knows how to fairly-easily correct said issue, and so presumably you should be "back up and running" without too much delay or expense.
I always love experiencing that wonderful "Ohhhhhhh...!" moment whenever I take a malfunctioning vehicle or household device in for service, since it means that the device is indeed repairable after all, and won't be that much trouble to get operating normally again.
by QuacksO November 8, 2018
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