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A series of numbers on the numpad that when typed while holding the ALT-key will produce a symbol not normally found on the keyboard.
Some examples of alt codes:
Alt+0215 = ×
Alt+0153 = ™
Alt+789 = §
Alt+0134 = †
by BlastMaster June 16, 2003
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Short for "amplifier" or "ampere."
Turn on the amp.
The filament of a 201 vacuum tube uses one amp
by BlastMaster June 19, 2003
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Armor Piercing Incindiary Tracer (projectile)
Use an APIT round when you assassinate Carrot Top!
by BlastMaster May 18, 2003
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Past tense of "eat" used by illiterate mountain folk.
Pappy: Now wher'd all dem berries go?
Junior: I et 'em!
Pappy: Aw you dun got yerself a whippin'!
Junior: No, Pappy! I promise it won't never happen ag'in!
by BlastMaster June 17, 2003
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Having quality that makes something appear to be made by, thought of, etc. by a newb (look up newb or newbie). This word is used when someone asks a question with a seemingly obvious answer. Also when someone produces poor quality work, esp. in mapping or similar computer game activities.

Also spelled as "noobish"
"I have a newbish question..."
"That looks quite newbish..."
by BlastMaster February 5, 2003
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A small metal tube protruding from the breech of a muzzle loading firearm, used to hold a percussion cap so that it may be struck by the hammer and ignite the powder.
Place a cap on the nipple and draw the hammer back, aim, and fire.
by BlastMaster June 12, 2003
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Short for "Karabiner," (the K98) a rifle made by mauser and used by the german army in the world wars. "Kar" is mostly used among Day of Defeat players when referring to that weapon.
I've been owned by the kar again!
by BlastMaster June 19, 2003
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