Abbreviation for “Anal Commando;” A title given to a person (typically a male) in an authoritative position who abuses his (or her) power. Said person is typically overzealous and uptight (anal).
Principal McVicker is a real Anal Commando! He has a huge bug up his ass.

The AC gave me another detention in class today.

AC Rimmerman is a real cunt-- he nailed me with another fine today.
by Vaughn Rosenbloom February 28, 2006
An incompetent Air force band member who bumbles through his extravagantly banal life trying to impress people who clearly don’t want his attention.
"The AC tried to impress me but he's just a good for nothing AC."
by Ollie August 24, 2003
Ace is a word to describe someone or something that is considered 'very cool'

Ace is also used as a term of sexuality (Asexual)

Ace can be a nickname or name

Ace can also be your partner (girlfriend, boyfriend, etc)

Ace is also a card from card games, the main situation where Ace is used is to describe just the number "1" on a card,
(e.g, an ace of spades)
1: "That was ace!"

2: "Are you gay?"

"Nah, I'm ace."

3: "How are you doing today, Ace?"

4: "Oh, my ace is so cute!"

5: "I have an ace of diamonds up my sleeve!"
by opeaii March 22, 2020
aced ( past tense ) - got 100% on smth
Now freak out nd I tell you who aced it = I tell you who got 100% on it. SARA
by Cant_be_touched January 25, 2016
1. Slang for Asexual
2. A fighter pilot who has shot down 5 or more enemy aircraft, especially referring to WWI and WWII pilots.

3. To pass a quiz or a test with no mistakes, to get 100% on a quiz or test.
1. I identify as ace
2. My grandfather was a WWII ace. He shot down 12 Nazi aircraft.
3. I aced Mr. Joseph's quiz! What did you get?
by kaminralph April 24, 2016
Hitting a golf ball into the hole with one swing of the club.
Sergio aced this hole yesterday, and that ace has to be on his mind now as he tees his ball.
by talk2me-JCH2 June 6, 2022
To be boss at somethin; To be extremely good with/at.
I'm acing this painting!
by HalfwayToTheStars August 23, 2015